the Alaskan Bucket List

3 Days of Adventure & 2 Nights Stay at the Adventure Station Lodge From ( $1055pp + Tax’s & Fee’s ) Based on Double Occupancy



Difficulty: Moderate to Hard

Duration: This trip is an all day excursion that begins in our office and runs about 8 hours in length

Departure Time: 8am or 10am

Minimum Age: 15

Glacier Ice Climbing

You don't need any experience or special equipment to come climb with us on this tour, just a sense of adventure. We provide small client to guide ratios of 3:1 on this tour, which is led by experienced instructors who use carefully maintained equipment to lead you out onto the ice. Our tours are designed to not only expose you to the world of Ice Climbing, but also to spend a large amount of time on the glacier just simply exploring and finding amazing features around every corner—or crevasse.

We start our trip at our office in Seward, Alaska to outfit you with all the necessary equipment. Just bring the recommended clothing and a camera and we’ll provide everything else including technical equipment, a backpack, and trekking poles. Our shuttle will transport us to Exit Glacier where an hour-and-a-half hike through a de-glaciated landscape brings us to the edge of the glacier. Donning our crampons we first find a gentle slope to teach the basics of climbing, crampon usage, and safety. Then it’s on to the crevasse fields where we will ascend bigger walls and explore some of the more remarkable physical features of the glacier.

While this tour does not require climbing experience, the physical ability to be outside hiking, climbing, and pushing your athletic abilities is a must. We hike a total of about 4.5 miles and gain and lose about 1500 feet of elevation. The payoff is a secluded mountain experience and vistas that will be with you forever. We will provide all the necessary equipment including a backpack, boots, snacks and water. All you need is the appropriate attire and things you will most likely already be travelling with.

Tap into that adventurer, explorer, thrill seeker and/or inner child and join us for some awesome glacier climbing!



Duration : 12 Hours

Departure Time: 6am

Not Included: Fishing License

Halibut Fishing

Seward’s abundance of wild fish species draw anglers to test their skills in the deep cold waters off of the Alaska’s coast. King Salmon (Chinook), Red Salmon (Sockeye) , Silver Salmon (Coho), Ling Cod, Rock Fish, and world famous Alaskan Halibut (Pacific Halibut) are just some of the species you can find in these water. 

You will be boarding your Halibut fishing charter in Sewards small boat harbor, then sit back and relax and enjoy the wildlife and scenery viewing experience as you commute to the fishing grounds. The captain and crew are all passionate fishermen and work hard to to put you right on top of the nicest fish that they can.

Some of our guests have caught and eaten their wild Alaskan seafood all in the same day.  Depending on what you were prefer done with your fish fillets, we can offer insider information on processing, packaging, and shipping right  to your front door.


Duration : 6 Hours

Departure Time: 8am

Minimum Age: 11

Ice Berge Kayaking

This is a truly amazing opportunity. From the comfort of our kayaks, we'll explore the massive icebergs that are deposited by Bear Glacier, the Harding Icefield's largest glacier. You'll enjoy the stability of our boats in the glacier's calm lagoon while your group checks out the huge floating chunks of ice around you. 

The features in the lagoon change daily, and our guides' job is to expertly navigate your group safely though the maze of ice created by the calving glacier. The features in the lagoon change daily and your guide will choose the best route to navigate through the maze of ice. Wildlife also varies day to day with good chances to view harbor seals and black bears. This tour lasts a little over 5 hours and departs daily.